From Social Media to Self Deception

Social media’s user interface is designed in such a way so that it suck away the concentration of one’s mind. One is constantly busy in watching newsfeed, checking others profile, trending topics. Mind is 100% occupied by seeing what is going on in newsfeed. Our self image take over our mind and we loose the sight of reality. Our profile is the projection of our self image and we constantly decorate it by selfies.

Our generation was never this much narcissist before than what is today. One never get time to visit own inner self which is far more authentic and unique. One’s action then, influenced to impress others all the time, to gain more likes, views, followers. The mind is never at peace but at anxious all the time. Then it slowly start developing inferiority complex that turns person into narcissist who constantly working hard to glorify self image by using whatever tool is possible.. from checking in the restaurant to celebrating xyz days..

The ‘selfie’s are nothing more than glorification of self image. Self image is nothing but illusion that we hold for ourself. It is not who we are or who we can be but what we ‘think’ we are. Self image is prison we create for ourself and we never able to come out of it for lifetime. That person never able to live authentically.

Social Media, However it easiest way to stay in touch, And it is easiest way for self deception.

Best way to save yourself from self deception is to Stop checking other people’s profile, newsfeed. Share only important stuff that is helpful for others, stay in touch by messages. Don’t take any trending topic seriosly. Install FB Purity that filter every unnecessary things that you don’t want to see. Save your self from self deception.

If you can’t do any above things then just be aware of what I said here. If you feel ever anxious then remember that is not caused because of you but there are external elements are designed to feel in that way. Don’t blame yourself.


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